Monthly Horoscope 2014 April Gemini

Monthly Horoscope 2014 April Gemini

April will bring still another eclipse two weeks later, on April 24. That one, a full moon lunar eclipse, will fall in Scorpio, This one will be the last of a long family of eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus that have come by your sixth house of work assignments over the past 18 months.

Dear Gemini, you must have experienced a great many shifts in your career. This could have been in terms of personnel changes around you or the type of assignments you were getting. It will be good news, then, that your work life is about to settle down. You still have to get through this part, but by now you seem to be an old hand at dealing with these issues! Fortunately, as a Gemini, you are quite a flexible person.

A huge project may come to conclusion at month’s end and if so, there appears to be something very important about this project. This second eclipse is a positive one too, although this is a full moon eclipse, and therefore you may feel a bit more emotional than you do around the earlier eclipse.

If you are self-employed, this must have had a greater than normal effect on you, as it was probably hard to keep employees for any length of time. Now, in April, another trusted subordinate/ coworker may announce a departure (as eclipses “eclipse out” individuals from situations). You may already know who this might be–some eclipses deliver their information a month to the day earlier, so at the end of March you may have heard the news.

In a related scenario, it may be that you come to the conclusion that since someone working in your department does not have the qualifications you were led to believe they possessed, they have created havoc in the work flow. If you are the boss, you might have to let this person go or have them switched to another department. If you are not the boss, you may have to take up the slack for this person, causing a drain on you.

As odd as this sounds, it is only through these types of situations that the best shine brightest, and although you may assume no one knows or even cares about your dedication and good work, you are wrong about that–you will impress quite a number of high level people. This situation, although temporarily stressful, could well place you on the top of a short list of winners being groomed for bigger and better things. Know that good work is always noticed. Your hard work will pay off!

The sixth house is also the area of the chart where fitness, health and weight management take place, and this eclipse may show you the need to turn over a new leaf. Watch your health as you get closer to April 24, as you could come down with a heavy cold if you aren’t careful. If you notice that anything seems amiss, go to a doctor for a check-up. Sometimes an eclipse brings small things to the surface that should be addressed. If you want to join a gym, it’s a good time to do so–sign up on April 30.

Romantically, this is also a great month to meet someone new if you are single. If you do have a chance meeting, it’s likely to be as a result of an introduction by a friend, or by meeting at a large social event. You seem to have more than your share of invitations, so just look forward to them and see what happens!

Married or attached? You have the power to get cozy and close. After all, you have the planet that rules marriage traveling in the house of true love. What could be better than that? Enjoy yourself this month, dear Gemini!

Your best date nights both fall on Saturdays: April 16 and April 30.


An amazingly social month is about to come your way, and a friend is about to play a pivotal role. She (or he) may offer you a generous career introduction, or ask you to join her in her new business as a partner. Or, you may work on a writing project together as collaborators. It is also possible that a group to which you belong, such as a professional organization or social club, will help you develop personal skills that you will later find very handy. Get involved in the club programs offered, and be open to mixing with people with varied backgrounds. Distant travel or a new publishing project could easily be part of the mix. There are so many ways to use the positive star vibes on tap! Look for events to surface out of the blue on or near April 8.

On top of all this, you stand an excellent chance of meeting a new romantic partner.

What a month! The only fly in the soup may be the financial concerns you feel about the social (or other) engagements you will need to attend. As a result, you may have watch your budget more carefully. Do what you need to do, and you’re on your way. Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde from April 1-12, not a time to give your final answer. In that case, discuss your plans, but get back to people after April 12.

Issues with personalities in your department or a question about a coworker’s abilities or credentials could come up at the lunar eclipse and cause you to voice an opinion. If you are a manager, you may need to let someone go, or you may see a trusted assistant announce a departure. Still, as hard as it may be to go through these types of stressful changes, at the same time, a major career breakthrough could well be in the offing for you. In that sense, it looks like the newly fluid environment will allow you to make a startling leap up ahead of the competition, much to your amazement. You will have plenty of support behind the scenes from higher ups, a point that should bring you confidence and comfort. Someone has singled you out as a winner–soon you’ll have the part, and know exactly how to play it!